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4th June, 2018

Pendon Museum, in conjunction with the Scalefour Society, is staging a special exhibition, "BRITISH 4MM FINE-SCALE RAILWAY MODELLING", running until December 2nd. It charts the development of finescale railway modelling from Edwardian times to the present, and includes a diesel locomotive fitted with one of our kits.

More details on Pendon's Website

5th May, 2017

Bachmann Class 66 sprung bogie kits, now available.

Instructions here (html) and here (pdf).

29th December, 2016

New Class 40 and Peak 1Co-Co1 sprung bogie kits, now available.

Class 40 instructions here (html) and here (pdf).

Peak instructions here (html) and here (pdf).

22nd September, 2016

First details and photos of the new Class 40 and Peak 1Co-Co1 sprung bogie kits, now expected to be on sale before the end of this year.

16th July, 2016

Added photos to Gallery page:

  • our sprung Kestrel at Cornwallis Yard (ExpoEM) and Wibdenshaw (RailEX),
  • our Class 25 at Rolvenden (RailEX).

24th June, 2016

Trade stand at Expo EM North now confirmed.

We will be visiting LarkRail, in Bath, on 16th July. Contact us if you would like to order any kits to pick up at the show.

17th January, 2016

Falcon and LMS10000/1 sprung bogie kits now available.

Links to instructions PDFs:
LMS 10000/1.

11th September, 2015

Updates on latest progress with Falcon and LMS10000 kits.

A new page on obtaining spiral bound hard copies of the pdf instructions files, using a third party service.

Added a News Archive page.

14th May, 2015

Kit instructions now available as self-contained downloadable pdf files, via this link.

16th April, 2015

Heljan Class 47 and Lion sprung bogie kits now available.

More at these links:
47 Details
47 Instructions
Lion Details
Lion Instructions

24th February, 2015

New New! New!! Sprung bogie kits for Heljan Classes 26, 27 and 33 (BRCW Types 2 and 3) are now available.

Details here, instructions here.

Now taking orders for Heljan 47, Falcon and Lion kits, available soon.

New Links and Gallery pages added to this site.

3rd August, 2014

Hymek sprung bogie kit now available. Details here, instructions here.

20th July, 2014

Thank you to all concerned for the wonderful hospitality shown at LarkRail down in Bath yesterday, most especially to Simon and his family from the Titfield Thunderbolt.

Now taking orders for our Hymek sprung bogie kit, which will be released over the next week or so.

11th July, 2014

We'll be at Larkrail, in Bath, on Saturday 19th July. We'll be running some sprung diesels on Allt-y-Graban Road, and demonstrating assembly of our kits. Let us know if you'd like us to deliver any kits to the show, P&P free.

Now taking orders for our Hymek sprung bogie kit, which will be available over the next couple of weeks.

28th May, 2014

There is an in-depth review of our Class 25 suspension kit in the latest Model Railway Journal, issue No. 231.

Now taking advanced orders for our Hymek sprung bogie kit. It should be available during July.

15th April, 2014

Just returned from the excellent Scalefour North at the new venue. Latest test etches for 26/27/33 and 35 arrived today.

15th February, 2014

First views of forthcoming kits for Heljan 26/27/33 now available here.

Also a bit of a spring clean around the site, with new 37 pics, and customer reviews.

3rd December, 2013

Now confirmed that we will be attending Expo EM at Bracknell next May.

30th October, 2013

Our Kestrel has gone EM. New photos here.

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