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Printing the PDF Instructions

There are alternatives to printing out the full instructions, which could save a tree or two. The pdf format is convenient to download for viewing on a portable device, while the html pages make it possible to print extracts or individual diagrams or pictures if you really need them. We also have the condensed check lists to print and take to the workshop.

If you do prefer a full printed copy, the following notes will help you print the pdf files as efficiently as possible.

On Your Own Printer

The page size of the PDFs is set to A5. You can print on A5 paper, or set the printer driver to scale them up to A4. The A4 output can then be scaled back down to 2-up A5 on a single sheet of A4, or to A5 booklet printing, if your printer offers those options.

You can print in colour or monochrome. The diagrams have been drawn to be suitable for either.

Using an On-line Printing Service

Printing documents of this size at home can be expensive. A5 booklet printing offers a reduction in the number of sheets used, but even so the number of pages is still quite high for a simply folded booklet.

An alternative is to use an on-line printing service, such as that offered by DoxDirect. The resulting spiral-bound manual, with card covers, makes a better job than most of us can achieve at home or in the office, and costs around a fiver.

To use the DoxDirect service, first download and save the pdf file which you want to print.

Go to the DoxDirect Website and, from the 'Products' pull-down menu, select 'Manual Printing'.

From the options which then come up, select 'Spiral Binding'.

The page then prompts you to upload the pdf file.

Wire bound booklet

Once the file has loaded, a configuration page appears.

DD config header

On the configuration page, select the options as shown to the right here.

Follow further instructions for checkout and payment.

This should cost you about a fiver and be with you in a couple of days.

cover wirebound

Please note that PenBits has no connection, apart from as a satisfied customer, with DoxDirect. Other on-line print services are available, though this one represents as good value as we could find for our particular application.

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